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Beautiful Bonsai Bench

March 8, 2018

Here is my latest lucky find on the side of the road. 

I found the metal sawhorse stands about 5 doors down from my house on the side of the road. I was able to pick them up and walk them home to start building my first bonsai bench. 


Nothing fancy, I know, but the fact that I had all of this stuff on hand made this perfect. I had leftover 2x4s from a concrete job I needed to do, and picked up the bottom pieces from a commercial construction site where I was allowed in to grab scrap wood. 



 Now onto the dark secrets of the do-it-yourself-ers. They say "Don't point out the mistakes and no one will know." Now rather than rant about how no one seems to show mistakes and how that hurts our current society, I'll just show you mine. I didn't have to use anything other than a drill with screws.


 You might not be able to tell from the photo, but the holes that were already available in the metal stands that I got were not spaced wonderfully. I had to shift a few boards to one side and some back the other way to get all of these boards in. This could've been fixed by buying another board, making the gaps larger and taking out a piece, or just drilling my own holes, but that was too much work for the moment. 


I just needed a good bench to move my trees into the sun on the South side of my property instead of the East. 


These are the ends of the boards. They were a tad bit warped which made them seem different lengths. While the ends don't match and I had to use wooden stakes on the underside to screw each board to to keep them kinda level-ish, this will definitely get the job done for now. When I need a more professional bench I can bust out those skills and dish out some dough.  


Now if we look back at the first picture you'll see it looks decent. Can't hate on it too much for how little effort it took. 


 Looks better with the bonsai occupying it than it does by itself. Even leaves a perfectly shady spot for the Trident Maple that is bound to be sunburnt by June. 


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