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Cotoneaster Nursery Bonsai

February 8, 2018

I found two of these Cotoneaster Apiculatis (Tom's Thumb) for $3 each in the discount rack at Lowe's. Couldn't pass these up seeing that I don't currently have this species of Cotoneaster, and they both had interesting enough trunk possibilities that it was well worth the $3.  

 As you can see there is a lot going on here. Branches everywhere and roots all over. 

 Another angle. 

 As I started through this I basically ended up cutting the rootball in half vertically. I separated a ground-layered section and then combed out the remaining roots for the main trunk. 

 This is the portion of the tree that had been naturally ground-layered. I was able to cut a majority of the root system off in hopes that this can become established in its new pot. 

 There was another large trunk that I to cut off due to it being too close to the main trunk. See bottom left of the trunk.

 This is the front with finger for scale. 

Full view of the front in my funky bowl gone bonsai pot. 

A closer look at the options I have near the trunk. 


 For now this is what I'm thinking about. I'm going to be taking several cuttings from the other side once late Spring comes around. I'll let it grow out and re-establish its root system without doing too much work on the top. Spring growth brings foliage, and foliage stimulates root growth. The roots will open as many buds as it can handle, and the rest will slowly take care of itself. Yay for plant physiology!



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