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Lowe's Jade Delight

February 11, 2018

 I found these wonderful Jades sitting on the discount rack for $3 at Lowe's. I've always loved the way the thick trunks on these look. One wonderful characteristic of Jades is that they rarely need watering. They make great desktop plants for offices and easily survive the occasional week off or weekend without any care. 

 Heres the Jade before I destroyed the root mass.

 I was a little surprised to see how small the actual root balls of each individual trunk was. I expected tons of roots, but there were very few. This was going to call for some smaller pots than I previously thought I'd need. 




 One of them after the repot. 

 The first plant potted up with its twin trunk.

 As far as propagation, Jades are a bit different from other plants. Both Jade and Dwarf Jade are succulents and they propagate differently than deciduous trees. You have to let them dry out for about a week once you cut them (or pull a leaf), then there are two ways you could follow that up. You can either leave it in a glass of water to grow roots and then transplant them, or you can leave them on top of dry soil and wait for roots to emerge looking for water. Once you see roots and/or new growth you can water it. 


The photo below shows leaves that had dropped and rested on the surface of the soil. Roots then emerged as shown. 

I took the two leaves that had fallen and a cutting that was a casualty and put them into some of the leftover soil from the repot. I waited to add the cutting and watered the two leaves immediately since they both had roots already emerging. 

I hear these are slow growers, so we'll see how long a good updated post with photos takes. 










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