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Portulacaria Afra Behemoth

September 27, 2018

I decided to work on a few Portulacaria Afra trees. Practicing wiring on these trees is great due to the spacing between leaves and branches. This first little guy didn't need too much wire to set the structure. 

 When it is repotted it will get a slight angle change. 

 Keeping the lower right branch to help thicken the trunk as a sacrifice branch


 The next P. Afra that I worked on was the behemoth that I got for $5. I decided to be indecisive. The design I have in mind has me cutting off several larger branches, so I wired it to open up the possibility of growth, while not shutting off the idea of keeping the branches or cutting them off.  

 The pad formation from bird's eye view. 


 Another shot from above. I was able to wire two branches with the same wire which allows for the tree to have a total amount of less wire on the branch for better aethstetics. 


 Everything from above. 

 The end product. I have an idea of what I want to do, but we'll see as we go forward. 

 I want to cut in 4 places and end up with two large informal uprights, a good cutting from the back, and a cascading branch that can be worked for a few more years. 


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