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Portulacaria Afra Cuttings Update

June 29, 2018

I wanted to give an update on the Port that I bought and show the development of the leaves as it roots and recovers from repotting. To see what it used to be head here


I decided to start with this photo to show you that it is never time to panic when a port has shriveled leaves. This is how they are able to withstand a lack of water. 

Cutting that can be watered. This was after a week of being in sun from sunrise to about noon, then in shade the rest of the day. Average temperatures were about 85 degrees F for the week. The old leaves will shrivel and not look normal until the cutting produces enough roots to be able to uptake enough water to support all of the leaves. 

Another bowl of successful cuttings that are ready for water. 

You see that the old leaves here aren't as shriveled. This is due to the entire being shaded by the higher shelf. This is a way to increase success with your Port cuttings. 
























The feeling of panic is common as is the impulse to water the cuttings when the leaves shrivel up. Avoiding that and being patient will provide you with new growth, and then a solid cutting that roots. 

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