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Portulacaria Afra Purchase

February 26, 2018

     I've been wanting to work with some legitimate indoor bonsai species, and Jade is the #1 indoor bonsai choice and seems to be the exception to all the rules, so I figured why not. I found a planter at Lowe's that was discounted for being there too long. It had several healthy Portulacaria Afra stems along with a few other succulents, so I went for it. This is also known as Elephant Bush, Dwarf Jade, or even Crassula Ovata Compacta. I'll use them interchangeably so you can get used to it, or maybe so I can confuse you... 


The planter had glued down rocks that make me angry. Angry + Lack of patience = Broken box. The dwarf jades made it out just fine don’t worry. 


     I made the mistake of not having an abundance of soil mixed and ready, tons of pots to choose from, and did it in the middle of the day when I would be asked to do familial duties. I highly suggest when repotting that you avoid these oversights. 


     Not being prepared kept me from initially pruning and creating more cuttings and planting additional plants in their own pots. I plan to do so later once I restock my soil and pot supplies. Dwarf jade is notoriously easy to propagate which I'll go into later.


     I used my handy little double-sided knitting needle to dislodge the soil from the root mass. I wanted to replace the soil with some well draining soil. Dwarf jades are mostly killed from over watering. Elephant bushes can take around 10 - 20 days without water in the growing seasons, and up to a month in the colder Winter. When watering be sure to water thoroughly, since succulents like a thorough watering infrequently. 


After separating all of the plants I ended with a few containers seen in the gallery below.  I used some equal parts lava, pumice, and Turface with some bark fines for soil. 













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