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Privet Dig

October 13, 2018

 I got lucky in being able to dig up two large pom pom style wax leaf privets up from a friend. There was also a stumped one that looks like it'll turn out great. Here are some of the before photos: 

 I guess this is sort of a before picture... I also got the little one out so fast I didn't really think to take a before photo. 

One of the things that makes these so good to dig up is that they're pretty dang indestructible. I have transplanted these in mid summer without any damage to them. The really thick cuticle on the leaves give it a tremendous ability to hold water without losing it through the leaves. 


I was very pleased to realize these bushes had been watered really well (which is rare in the desert) and I pulled back the plastic while digging and saw a wonderful mat of mycorrhiza.  

Another shot of the roots:

In bonsai you don't always see this on the surface, but you should hope it is in the roots when you repot. You can encourage the growth of mycorrhiza with organic fertilizer. This is one of the reasons that organic fertilizer is preferred over chemical fertilizer. 


Here is one of my tea bags that is breaking down with organic fertilizer inside of it. 

 Once I got the bushes out I had to transport them home....without a truck. 

I got them into larger pots once I got home. The plan is to let them grow while air layering each pom pom off in the Spring. 


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