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Robbing The Ignorant

June 19, 2018

I was casually swinging by a wholesale nursery in my free time, as I often do, and was able to grab a 1 gallon portulacaria afra for $5. I've never seen a 1 gallon plant near this big. 

 I had to aggressively pry this bucket off the ground. Once I got it home and got it out of the container I got a look at the root system. 


 I got a few after a bit of dirt removal.


 I went to work cutting off the roots that seemed to have little if any fine roots connected. 

 While keeping those that did have some finer roots. 


 I was happy to see that the trunks weren't completely fused together. I was able to rip these two apart and create another tree. 


 The other tree that is straight as a rod. 


 This is the main tree right before I was going to pot it up. I knew it would be a problem because of the ridiculous weight of the tree and lack of fantastic root system. 

 This free ceramic pot I got from a moving sale from my grandparents will do well. 


 The best part about it is that the branch of the backside was able to lean on the pot to help support the tree. 


 I was left with a few cuttings afterwards. :) 


Portulacaria Afra cuttings are the easiest things in the world to root. You cut them off and pot them up (some let them dry for a few days, I find potting them up right away doesn't do any harm if you don't water) and leave them. The leaves will shrivel up and eventually produce new leaves. Once you see new leaves you can water. I actually left on vacation for a week right after I potted them up, then watered them when I got home and saw foliage. If you water before new foliage shows up you're likely to rot the cutting by keeping it too wet. 

 Cutting time! My daughter jumped in on the fun as well.  

 Here is what I ended up with after the cutting session. 


 I actually added two flats of cuttings ontop of potting soil to see how well they root just being left there.