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Seed Collection - Lamb's Ear

August 11, 2018

I went ahead and clipped a bunch of Lamb's Ear heads off of my parents house before escrow closes. It isn't the best time to collect seeds, but it is late enough in Summer. 

 This is from two flower stalks. Seeds all over the place. 

Wear some gloves and run your hands back and forth on the the stalk and then hit the whole thing against the side of the bin or your hand and seeds will fly.  

 Then sift the leftovers out from the mess you've created. 

 Then label the seeds before you forget or misplace them. You'd be surprised how often that happens. 

 Lamb's Ear grows like a weed, literally. Sow seeds in the Spring for best results. I've put some in my compost and then have had seeds germinate in my beds where I've placed my compost in the middle of Summer. Next time I'll compost better and that shouldn't happen!


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